Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Easy Recipe: Dark Chocolate Covered Ginger and Cashews

You May Also Dip The Ginger In The Chocolate

This is so easy to make and so satisfying.  I have been on a Dark Chocolate and Ginger kick as of late.  Here is a super easy way to get a quick healthy candy fix.

-4oz of 60% or more Cacao.  I used Ghirardelli...But there are plenty of amazing brands out there that I have used in the past.
-Cashews or any other nuts you may like such as almonds.  Make sure they are sliced or chopped.
-Organic Crystallize Ginger: I bought some from a local shop here on Nantucket, The Green.
-Cinnamon:  Just a few dashes

In a double boiler melt chocolate.  Add a few dashes of cinnamon.  While the chocolate is melting, chop the ginger and nuts.  Mix the chocolate thoroughly until the chocolate is smooth.  Mix in chopped nuts and ginger.  Make sure nuts and ginger is fully covered.  Pour mixture onto parchment paper or foil.  Spread out evenly.  Store in fridge for at least two hours to cool.  Once cooled, break up the pieces and store them in a separate container of your choice.  You may also dip the ginger in the chocolate like I did in the photo above.

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