Saturday, February 11, 2012

Skinny Dipping

I took this photo a few years ago while visiting Portugal...I just wanted to jump in.  Water is my religion.  It's what I love and fear the most in this world.

When I was younger, I would sneak into the swimming pool area of our house.  I would first get the key to the cabana.  Unlock the dark brown wooded door, change into my pink Strawberry Shortcake bathing suit and then climb the fence to the pool.  I was only able to do this once and awhile.  My Mother watched us like a hawk...Luckily, every now and then, my blind uncle would baby-sit us while she was out running a few errands and she didn’t want six crazy kids to reek havoc on her agenda.  Good grief we were a hand-full.  I have no idea how my Mother got through it unscathed.  On a few occasions, while my blind uncle watched us or really listened to us, I ran away for fear he was going to make me watch the tv show M.A.S.H. 
Say what you will about this show, I know people love it but as a little girl that was forced to endure the torture, I hate it with a passion.  I still cringe when I hear the show theme song.  Many a time I tried to sneak out of the room, hoping my uncle’s blindness would be my ally.  Turns out, without sight, this just means another sense is heighten...Hearing...That’s a story for another day...So with my heart pounding and my bathing suit on, I would slowly move my body into the pool.  Once in the water, I knew I wouldn’t be found.  We had an in ground pool and I knew all the spots to hide.  I’ve done this on a few occasions while others were not looking.  I took one quick peek around the pool area to make sure no one was there, slipped out of my bathing suit and placed it on the concrete.  I padded around the pool pretending I was a mermaid.  I immersed my ears in the water to hear the outside world silenced.  My hair billowed and softened in water.  I felt liberated.  I felt peace.  I thought I was a rebel.

Now, 20+ years later I still skinny dip.  And wouldn’t you know, I still sneak around to do it...This time the ocean is my swimming pool.  I can feel my toes in the sand...I quickly look around to make sure there are no on lookers.  I disrobe and hide my clothes.  I slowly submerge my bare skin into the salty sea...I tread water with fluid motions.  My feet don’t touch the ground for fear of what I can’t see lurking beneath the sand.  I lay my body out, skimming the top of the glassy surface and stare up to the stars.  I only know Orion's Belt and The Big Dipper by sight.  I find myself always proud when I can spot these constellations.  I dream back to the rebellious girl I once thought I  was and I smile.  I smile because there are still a few bits of that little girl still holding onto life...Still looking for adventure.  Still searching for a thrill.  I hope that will never change, no matter what the tide may bring.


  1. Diddo on M.A.S.H.! Ugh, I though it was the worst show ever and will not sit through it now after having to sit through it then! Good thing you are well grown and Mom doesn't have to have a heart attack about you sneaking into the pool alone.

  2. I know! I bet she had a slight heart glitch when she read this though...:-)


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