Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Text Messages Kill Romance

Nothing says “I am interested in dating you” like a text message.  When it comes to Armageddon and the world ending sometime by the end of this year, I would have to say that it’s the world we know of that will be ending.  You remember that world right?  That sweet time where two people met face to face and talked over coffee...Now, technology has taken over.  We chat on Facebook and most of the conversation is lost in translation.  Some of us try to fight the good fight.  Some good guys out there when courting a girl, actually do make the effort to call and ask her on a proper date.  Then there are the not so good guys that send text or a private facebook message or worse an email.  I thought you were supposed to call a girl when you wanted to take her out?  I automatically write someone off when they ask me on a date via text or Facebook message.  It’s the fastest way to enter into the “Friend Zone”.  I don’t mind someone flirting via text or asking for my number but a gentleman caller should call, not write.  If you are at all interested in kissing me, then put your phone where your mouth is, not your fingers.  Plus, how a man courts me is how I judge on how I can expect to be treated in and out of the bedroom.  If he lacks proper communication because he is shy, then I can safely assume he’s shy in private...and this won’t fly.  If he lacks proper communication because he has multiple girls he’s talking with, then I can safely assume, he will continue this once we enter into a relationship...And that definitely won’t fly.  The effort a man puts into courting me, whether it be nil to plentiful, I will judge.  Does he think I am worth his time?  Because if he doesn’t, then he is not worth mine. 

Reality is, in today’s age it is easier to call someone than when we were younger.  Do you not remember rotary phones?  You miss one bloody number and you have to start all over again...I was constantly cursing at numbers that had a lot of zeros in them...  Now that is determination to call someone with a rotary phone.  In today’s technological age, numbers are programed into your iphone.  All you have to do is start searching by the first few letters of their name, then wunderbar!  You either touch TEXT or CALL.  It’s not that hard, yet it seems, guys are lacking in the determination they once had.  They have lost the romance of a phone call.  The awkward silences...the heavy breathing...the heart pounding from nervousness...The weird good-bye.  Yes, the art of courting is dying and technology was wielding the poisonous coding that did it.

I’m not the only girl that feels this way...I have friends all over the world that are voicing their disturbance on this lack of passion and effort.  So gentlemen, if you’re interested in being “just friends” with a girl, by all means text her to no end...enjoy the non-threatening conversation...If you’re looking to get beyond a friendship, call her.

(I have more to say on text messages...but that's for a later day and time.)

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