Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Everyone Has A Fetish

Wait! Don’t go fixing your gap teeth just yet...Someone could find that characteristic very attractive. 

More often than not, I get into some very interesting conversations.  Obviously I do, I started this blog post with "Everyone has a fetish." Most of the exchanges that I have entered into I have found deal in the matters of love, sex and relationships.  I understand why this occurs.  Sometimes people feel automatically very comfortable sharing their inner most thoughts with me and other times I am the catalyst for the conversation.  These are three subjects I love, obsess about and I am very comfortable discussing.  In all of my conversations with friends and strangers on these topics I have found that my theory of “There is someone for everyone” always to ring true.  In fact, with each discussion I have found my theory turning into an honest to goodness fact.  One topic I always seem to find myself engaging in is the fetish genre.  To me, fetish is more than just something kinky or weird...Although more often than not, some will view it this way.  No, I view fetish as that we’re all into something or we find something attractive and it’s perfectly normally. (Unless, extremely disturbing such as with children.)

Case and point, recently I found myself in a bar dialogue where we discussed different “fetishes”.  I said that everyone has a unique “thing” that they find attractive.  One of the bar conversationalist said he likes women with large teeth...buck teeth to be exact.  For me, I find people with big ears to be attractive.  Since I was younger, I have always enjoyed the movie Dumbo.  Dumbo's story struck a cord within me and I have always felt for this little guy when he was made fun of because of his oversize ears.  So, maybe my “thing” for big ears stems from this...Although, I have never actually dated anyone with large ears.  But I do find people with ears that stick out, different or abnormally large to be very cute and attractive.  Another example; Years ago I made a friend with a gentleman that had a thing for girls with large feet.  This is a very popular fetish or even fear, feet that is.  He wouldn’t date a girl unless her feet were at least a size 10.  We never made it past the friendship stage since I have a size seven foot, which is abnormally small for my height. 

I have met many people along my path that are into different things, maybe it’s sexual or physical attributes or maybe it’s the person’s personality.  Whatever the case may be everyone has a “thing”. 

So before you go changing what you think is a flaw...pause and think...Someone could be very into said “flaw” and find it irresistible.  I’ve said it once, I will say it again; Everyone has a fetish and there is someone for everyone.

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