Tuesday, October 4, 2011

October - Higher Learning

My own personal theme for the month of October will be Higher Learning.  I’ve made a few goals for this month.  Tone my tummy (I am always working on something in the gym.)...Relearn Spanish and French.  Also, some of my close friends and I have starting a small book club dedicated to but not limited to reading about food.  A major goal of mine this month is to read more.  I consume about a book a week.  My goal is to bump that up to five books total for the month.  My hope is that this will extend my inspirational and intellectual pallet.  I find the more I read, the better a writer I become.  I am in a constant state of perfecting what brings me joy...this thing called writing.  If anyone has any suggestions to what I should read, I am open to them.  For the book club, we will be reading Lunch in Paris: A love story with recipes by Elizabeth Bard.

For the past few months I have been meeting more and more creative types that have inspired me greatly.  I befriended an inventor (Guitar Hero) whom has inspired me as well as makes me laugh to no end. I have had the privilege of meeting numerous talented artists and writers that I feel I can bounce ideas off of.  One in particular I am quite fond of, I call him The Poet.  He’s an extremely talented artist and poet.  He’s dark, devilishly handsome with intense eyes that peer right into your soul.  Um, yeah ladies, a handsome man with lyrical lips.  Could you ask for anything more? Through our conversations, The Poet has given me a few homework assignments.  One in particular is to read Henry Miller’s Tropic of Capricorn, followed by Tropic of Cancer (Even though Capricorn is the sequel to Cancer.)  For what The Poet and I were discussing, these two novels make sense in this particular order.  I am so excited to read both of these books. 

So, onward and upward for the month of Higher Learning.  I am really looking forward to my horizons expanding...

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