Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Call 911: "The Break"

This is an emergency Lazy Girl Post...I was just asked from a blogger friend, “What do you do during a break or a pause in the relationship?” Seriously, a break or a pause in a relationship may be the second worse feeling next to breaking up.  Come to think of it, it may be worse because there is, so much uncertainty that comes with someone saying, “I think we should take a break.”  What the flip does that mean?

My Father said this to my Mother after two weeks of them dating.  He told her things were moving too fast for him.  Blah, Blah, Blah typical guy thing to say.  My Mother played it cool and said, “That’s fine.”

My Mother’s recall of what happened next is great!  “I took my then perky boobs into Boston for the weekend and met up with a few of my girlfriends, whom were dating boys from Harvard.”  When my Father called her over the weekend, he was left in shock when he heard an older woman over the telephone who told him that my Mother went to Boston for the weekend.  That Monday my Father asked my Mother to marry him.

Now, this isn’t going to be every situation.  More than likely, you’re not going to get a proposal.  You may just have a full on break-up on your hands.  But here are my keys to “The Break”. 

-Play it cool.  This is not the time to freak out, at least in front of him.  I have done my fair share of freaking out.  It’s not pretty.  I blame it on the fact that I have French, Portuguese and Spanish Blood.  I have so much passion and it comes out in full force.

-Be Fabulous. Maybe it’s time to throw on that amazing dress, strappy shoes and red lipstick you’ve been tucking in the closet for a special occasion. I will give you a special occasion...A man that can’t make up his mind.  Go out to an event.  If someone asks why you're so dressed up, here's the best response, "I have another party to go to later."  Maybe you do, maybe you don't or maybe you will!

-Keep Yourself Busy.  Find your girlfriends and have fun!  What are the things that make you happy?  Mani/Pedi, New Dress, Working Out or Dancing.  I like to head to the golf course and hit a few balls at the putting green.  Sometimes I pretend the balls are the heads of people that annoy me.

-Go On An Innocent Date. He said he’s not ready for a full commitment.  Fantastic! Guess who can get a date faster than he can blink his eyes...You!  If he doesn’t want a full commitment, then that’s exactly what he will get.

-Go to a Sports Bar.  I love this and I always forget about doing this during a break or break-up.  Get some greasy food, some beers and sit back and wait to get hit on.  It never fails.  I watch my girlfriends get hit on constantly at busy sports bars.  Even if you’re not interested in someone, it is still very nice and a great ego boost to have a guy talk to you.

For A Puffy Face and Eyes:

-Stick your face in the freezer for a minute or two. Puffy face be gone!
-Wash your face with cold water.  This will perk up your skin and get the blood flowing.
-Eye drops. Melts away the redness if you’ve been crying as well as brightens your eyes.
-Cover up.  Hides redness and evens skin tone.
-Lip Gloss. This is always a must break or no.

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