Monday, August 1, 2011

President Lazy Girl

Anyone else think this summer is flying by?  I've been having such a great time, I can't believe it's already August and I only have a month or two left of summer.  Man, I love where I live!

So, If I were president I would...

Not that I would ever accept this great honor of being President of the United States.  There is so much we civilians do not even know that goes on behind those closed White House doors.  Also 90% of what is happening within those closed doors, the President will not even know until he/she takes office.   I have been inspired to write this because of what is currently going on within the United States economy and government.  I will put this out to the universe some of the changes that I think would benefit this country.

First off: I would ban Sarah Palin from everything.  She’s not allowed to leave Alaska.  Nor is she allowed to be in the media in any way shape or form, unless its to support guns.  (By the way, Hell ya I support guns.) She has a talent as being a hottie that can shoot a rifle.  Besides that, please don’t try to sell me a bill of goods that she has a brain between her ears, I’m not buying it.

2nd: I would initiated national nap time.  The Spanish have it right by taking a siesta in the middle of the day.  Personally, I would like to not be judged anymore for sleeping during the day.  There are studies that show that taking a nap during the day helps one to stay focused and alert.  It also aids in weight-loss and lowers blood pressure. 

3rd: No more taxes taken out of our paychecks.  Let me explain.  You would receive your full paycheck but when you go to buy something, that item would be taxed.  So when you go to buy groceries, taxed.  When you go to buy gas, taxed.  When you go to buy anything it will be taxed.  This means you, anyone visiting the country invited or not will be taxed.  This would also do away with someone who is here in the country illegally not paying taxes because guess what, they will end up paying taxes via whatever they are purchasing.

4th: Legalize Gay Marriage.  Think of the revenue from those weddings!  New jobs will be created.  Cher look-a-likes won’t know what do to with themselves, they will be so busy.  Wedding planners will be inundated with requests. Straight couples are trying so hard to get divorced and gay couples are trying so hard to get married...Hmmm, weird. Also, I thought one of USA's founding principles was to separate church and state?  If you’re throwing out gay marriage because you think it’s immoral well guess what, you are allowed to talk about how immoral it is all you want at YOUR church.  Leave it out of the government.

5th: Legalize Marijuana.  Again, a major amount of revenue will be created, as well as new jobs.  The farmers in middle America that are worried about not making this years corn crop can spend more time of perfecting their little green plants and be able to feed their families.  Pot bakeries will pop up everywhere...gluten-free pot brownies anyone?  More jobs, more money, better country.  This country may even start producing an export once again, yippie!  Also, how many pot heads do you know getting into a bar fight.  We would probably be a happier nation.  Less crime and tension is eased.

6th: Everyone gets a proper education and teachers are paid more.  With all the revenue that will be flooding the United States Treasury I think teachers should be paid more and I also believe it’s time to offer the youth a better education from the start.  No more “No child left behind” crap.  Since that started, all I see is children all left behind together.  We all learn at different paces and not all of us will excel or even grade average at certain subjects.  Lord knows I’m still learning the order of letters in the alphabet.  We need to keep education balanced but also help our youth find and develop their talents.  Not everyone has a talent for pulling apart an engine and putting it back together.  Let’s embrace what makes us different. 

I have more thoughts on our to improve USA but I will save that for another day...

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