Thursday, August 4, 2011

Email Question: Make-up + Gym

What make-up is the best to wear to the gym?

Ok, I get it, you want to look your best at the gym.  I always try to look some what presentable at all times.  When it comes to the gym, skip the make-up.  It’s bad for your skin.  Really, it is.  Think about it.  You’re sweating and your pores are open.  All that gunk is going into your skin, when it should be cleansed out. 

If you’re going to pick up guys, unless you’re at the gym in Hollywood, which I guess is the number one spot in LA to get a date.  Then may I suggest forgoing the make-up.  It’s my belief that guys prefer girls with little to no make-up.  It’s always when you least expect a guy to hit on you that he does.  Why, just this past week after a work out, I headed to my local market when a guy hit on me.  I had no make-up on, my clothes were soaked with sweat and I had my glasses on...go figure.

If you feel too naked without make-up, then may I suggest going in the direction of natural mineral make-up, like a powder.  This will also help with shine and soaking up some of the sweat.  Although, I really do feel it’s healthy for your skin to sweat as much as possible.  If you want to accentuate your features, then curl your lashes and put Vaseline on your lashes and eye brows.  The Vaseline adds shine to your lashes and keeps your eye brows in place.  Don’t forget a shinny lip balm.

My Favorites:
Sheer Cover
Murad Lip Protector

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