Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June: Month of Love

June is the Month of Love.  Spring is coming to an end and summer is right around the corner.  With the good weather comes days at the beach, BBQs and weddings.  These are all, things to me, that say "Love".  Inspired by the month of June, I want you to accomplish one thing this month, I want you to love.  It doesn’t matter what you love.  It could be a book, a new dress, chocolate covered gummy bears, a significant other or a best friend.  Just love. Love is a hard word to say but an easy action to convey.  So just love.  Show those you love, that you love them.  If you don’t have someone special in your life, love yourself.  Random acts of kindness can do wonders for your heart. Take the time this month to fill your love tank.

Fill Your Love Tank:

-Fall in love with your town: Discover things you never knew about where you live.
-Fall in love with something beautiful: Walk around and take photos of anything.  The more random the better
-Fall in love with someone special: Even if it's just for one night.  Make it a night you'll always remember
-Fall in love with a new book: Find a book you just don't want to put down
-Fall in love with your job: There must be something good about what you do, explore it.
-Fall in love with your family: That crazy family member whom drives you crazy could probably teach you something special.
-Fall in love with good food: Get your friends together and experiment with tasty treats.
-Fall in love with yourself: You are one of a kind.  Embrace all the great parts that make up you.
-Let someone fall in love with you: Be yourself, someone is watching and thinks you're amazing!

*The above photo I took while in Brussels visiting David and Alice van Buuren's Art Deco home.  David surprised Alice with this Garden of Hearts.  It would seem these two had a great love for each other. We should all be so lucky.

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