Saturday, June 4, 2011

Do What You Love

I recently had my photo taken by Bill Hoenk Photography for the cover of my book.  Adventure Girl introduced us, she knows everyone.  Again, everyone needs a friend, like my friend, Adventure Girl.  It was a great experience, doing the photoshoot with Bill. When I was originally deciding on the layout of my book, I thought the best way to convey what my book was all about, was for me to be nude on the cover.  This book will leave me exposed to say the least and I wanted that image for the cover.  When I first met with my photographer, Bill, my first thought was this guy loves what he does.  If you’re thinking, "Um yeah, he photographs nude girls, why wouldn’t he love what he does?” You would be wrong.  I’m sure he enjoys this aspect of seeing the female form in it’s natural state but there was more to him.  He has a passion for capturing beauty in all forms, not just women in the buff.  When I got to his studio, he made me feel very comfortable and at ease.

“Should I take my clothes off now?” I asked.

Bill, “Oh no just relax.  I just need to set up a few things.  Would you like something to drink?”  I really wanted some Champagne but decided I need to have my wits about me, so I just asked for water. 

When he was done setting up the lighting and getting everything just right, he looked at me as held up his camera and said, “Ok, this is it.” I knew what he meant by “this is it”. I just didn’t realize I would really have to take my clothes off.  Up until this point, I was ready to be naked, after all I have always thought most bodies look better naked.  It became real that I am  going to have to go through with my original plan and disrobe.  I took a deep breathe, gave a little laugh and said, “Ok!”

I took off my clothes and Bill could tell I was nervous.  He put my mind at ease when he said, “You have a beautiful, femine body.  I like when women have curves.”  I was so happy I found Bill as my photographer because he made me feel safe and at ease and I feel the same way when it comes to female bodies.  I think every women has a beautiful body and the curver the better!

After the initial shock of being in my invisible bikini, Bill started his magic.  He is so amazing and I felt so lucky to have him as my photographer.  You could tell he paid close attention to the littlest details.  Such as, where my hair was falling, the position of my chin or where my eyes should be directed.  In between shots he would say, “Ok, take a break, you may put on your robe.”  Bill would set up the next shot and after awhile I felt so comfortable being naked. 

The meaning behind this post is to do what you love.  When you’re not doing what you love, you are swimming against the tide.  When you are doing what you love, things will fall into place and before you know it, life is worth living and happiness floods your everyday. 

On the other hand, It’s hard to do what you love when you have obligations such as a family.  What I say to you is, do what you love on the side, cultivate your love and try to find some small piece of joy in what you are currently do for a living.  Hopefully, eventually you'll be able to make a living out of what brings you joy.

*The above is the cover of my book, Amazing Love Diet.  The photo is the photo that Bill Hoenk shot of me.  He is so amazing isn't he?!

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