Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day, in my opinion, is a Hallmark Holiday. You should show those you care about, that you care about them everyday of the year. With that being said, it is so grand to indulge and have an excuse to be pampered and pamper someone else. This year I have come up with a menu for what I’ll be serving my Valentine, More-Yes. I hope this inspires you to make treats for your loved ones whether they are friends, family members or a significant other. Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

Appetizer: More-Yes can nibble on this while I make magic in the kitchen.
Home made Gluten Free Bread with a dipping sauce of Olive Oil, basil and sun-dried tomatoes*

Salad: With the meal to come we need at least one healthy item.
Mixed Greens with lime vinaigrette *

Entree: Indulgence at it’s finest!
Lobster Mac and Cheese - Four different types of cheeses, spinach, lobster and bacon. * One thing I learned while in Europe, when eating melted cheese never drink water. The water and melted cheese will combine and make you feel very ill. What you should drink with melted cheese is wine. Wine has acidity and will help to break down the melted cheese. See earlier post on benefits of wine.

Cornflake Chicken - Sweet and Crunchy.*

Dessert: Death by chocolate.
My Grandmother’s Chocolate Moose - Unfortunately, the recipe is a family secret. Which is too bad because it is sex disguised as whipped chocolate.

Now to work off this feast I suggest you partake in two work outs: Your regular work out plan with 5-20 minutes more of cardio (Walking, biking, running, jumping on a trampoline, etc.). The second work out should be done during and after dinner. (Lots of laughing, kissing, back-rubbing and etc.)

*Recipes to follow.

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