Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Battling the Common Cold

Ugh! Getting sick is no bueno. Right now I am in the kumite with said common cold. So, what do I do when I’m sick, I write and try to avoid Lifetime Movies. Which, lets be honest avoiding Lifetime is a constant battle for us all. What’s my strategy for bringing the smack down to this virus called the Common Cold? I’m going in Chuck Norris style, a roundkick to the cold's face!

Common Cold Killers:

Vitamin C - Goes without saying. I like the Vitacdrops, I practically od on them.

Zinc - Studies have found that 50mg a day helps cure the common cold. But don’t exceed 50mg per day, it will have an opposite effect.

Olive Leaf - This is a cure all! Start taking this everyday. It has antiviral properties and can give you more energy throughout the day.

Spicy Foods - I love Thai food! I will order a mess load of thai food and have a box of tissues waiting and ready. This helps to flush out the system, cure your stuffy or running nose, while boosting your immune system.

Rest - Your body is able to battle a cold while resting. So get plenty of sleep.

Fluids - Drink a lot of water and tea. I love decaf green tea. I also try to add honey and lemon to water and/or tea. Both are antiviral.

Laughter - When you have a cold the best thing to do is laugh. Seriously! It helps strengthen the immune system and it makes you feel good. So pop in your favorite movie. My go-tos are Spaceballs, Something About Mary and Beerfest.

Also, I believe that the mind is more powerful than we think. I say to myself all day while I'm sick, "I am healthy and I am feeling better." Maybe this works, maybe it doesn't but positive thinking never hurt anyone...I think?

Cheers to your health!

Anyone have a cure for the common cold? Please share.

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