Monday, January 17, 2011


I remember the day I discovered I had a uni-brow. I was in middle school visiting my Mother at her office when she touched the top of my nose and observed, “You might want to do something about this.”

“Something about what?”, I asked.

“You have a uni-brow.” My Mother replied.

Confused and running for the mirror in her office I asked, “What’s a uni-brow?” By the tone in her voice I knew perhaps I shouldn’t have one, but I had no idea what she was talking about. I didn’t have hair anywhere else on my body except the top of my head. As a preteen, you start to worry about everything. Hair is, for sure, one of those things you worry about. While other girls were shaving, and growing hair in places where I didn’t even realize you could grow hair, the only place I seemed to be able to grow hair in abundance was in the middle of my forehead. (As if being a preteen isn’t awkward enough.)

My Mother shed some light on the subject, “You’re supposed to have two eyebrows. You could start plucking this if you don't like it.” She pointed to the new patch of hair on my face. Thank God for my Mother. She made me more aware of myself. Which I tended to be very clueless when it came to that subject.

Growing up, I was made fun of a lot for my size and physically beat up because I was smaller than other children. Kids can always spot the weakest link. Really, we should let five year-olds chose our Presidents. I started off too short and skinny. So, I prayed that I would become taller, and have some curves. God decided to grant my wish and I ended up being one of the tallest girls in the class, but still weighed around 80 pounds. In middle school and straight on through high school, I wanted to be one of those cute short girls whose clothing seemed to fit just right. The way my pants would hang awkwardly on my body made me look like I was waiting for the next high tide. Luckily, half way through high school capri pants came back into fashion.

Now that I am older, being tall is not bad at all. Unlike when I was younger, many clothing shops make pants for my 35 inch inseam. When at a dance club, I can usually find my friends by surveying over the crowd. Plus, around the holidays when I overeat I can usually hide it fairly well. To all those short girls that are reading this thinking, "What an ass, she’s complaining about being tall," just remember there are pluses and minuses to everything. I’ll never be cute and petite.

Finding a guy taller than you for short girls it's a cinch. You are able to buy whatever pants you like. If the pants are too long you can just shorten them. I guess I could add lace to make my pants longer but lace isn’t really "in" for anything other than lingerie. (Just saying, People!)

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