Thursday, September 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is my Father’s birthday. I have learned a lot from my father:
Family always comes first
Working hard in life is a reward in itself
Appreciate people for the gifts they bring
Five minutes early is better than fives minutes late
Speed will come with time

As a child I was the terror of tiny town. My Mother nicknamed me Naughty Dotty. I was constantly getting into trouble with my curiosity and impulsive nature and I would throw massive tantrums that would often land me in the hospital. Still with all of this, my father somehow never had an idea of what a holy terror I was. My Mother would greet my Father at the door when he got home from work and tell him how out of control I was. At the door, I would smile my evil smile and my Father would kiss me on the head and say, “Not my Dotty.”

As a little girl, I remember sitting on my father’s lap and him telling me I could be or do anything I wanted when I was older. My father has always encouraged my dreams and has been supportive of my decisions, even if he never really understood why I do what I do. My Father is a very practical man, he follows the rules and is very steady. He keeps me grounded, as well as having someone to be accountable to. I chose my first college by picking it out of a hat. I can be a bit indecisive and I thought I would let fate step in and tell me which school to go to. I kept picking the same school, so I thought what the hell I’ll go there. Mind you, I had never seen the school in person. When my parents brought me for my first day of orientation I started to cry. I was used to living in a beautiful, fantasy land of a town and my parents were about to drop me off in the exact opposite of what I was used to. I was hoping my tears would prompt my parents to turn around and we would find another school for me to go to. With in a few moments of me crying my Father said to me, “It was your decision to go to this school. You need to stick by your decision.” Part of me wanted to open the car door and do a tuck and roll and make a run for it but he was right. I had to stay with my decision. Which I am so grateful I did. I experienced another side of life, made some amazing friends and I had the time of my life.

Happy Birthday Pappa Bear. Thank you for always being supportive of me, standing by me and showing me how to be a better person.

This photo is of Myself, My sister Cora, My Father and My sister Ada Ruth

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