Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It's Time To Fly!

The other day while traveling around the island taking photos I almost ran over a baby bird. This little guy was hopping all over the road. No doubt it’s that time a year when the baby bird leaves the nest and learns to fly.

I pulled my car over to the side and got out. I ran as fast as I could, it’s a very busy road, and scooped the little bird up. You could hear this little fella’s mother calling out. I placed him in some bushes close to where she was. I waited for a few minutes just to make sure he didn’t wander back into this busy road.

With in a few moments he was out again along with about five other baby birds. I scooped up each baby bird and decided the best point of action was to place them high in a tree. It was time to fly little ones. You’re ready, I can feel it. One baby bird couldn’t wait to leave my hands. It started flapping and almost flew right out. Another wouldn’t leave my palms when I tried to place him in the tree. He would just look at me, open his mouth and wait for a regurgitated worm. This of course was not going to happen, so I placed him right on a branch.

Once I was finished and no more little ones were making their way for the road I got back in my car and began to think. I was so grateful for these little birds. They had strength, determination and a willingness to fly and to someday soar through the clouds. Something of which we are all born with. Every creature on this earth has a purpose. Animals have a distinct nature and drive. The human race sometimes forgets our individual purpose and we take the little things for granted. We all have talents and something that we bring to the table. No talent is more important than another. Maybe you were meant to be a mother or a father. Maybe your talent is helping others through tough times. Maybe you are good with your hands and can build from the ground up. No matter what it may be, we should all have the determination like these baby birds to look danger in the eye and jump. We may not fly at first but if we keep at it someday we will soar.

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