Friday, May 7, 2010

Mother's Day

Mother’s Day naturally always reminds me of how wonderful my own Mother is. Like most mom’s, my Mother was always there for me. Here are a few instances that I often think about always.

The Younger Years

Mothers are always good for pick me ups and by pick me ups I mean pick up any kid that threatens her child’s well being. For me, I have always been made fun of for being different. When I was younger I was very small and a bit slow. I was like the girl version of Forest Gump, just not as cool and without the leg braces. Outside of school, kids would throw rocks at me and inside of school, name calling and pushing me around. I would often come home crying and not wanting to go back, especially since I went to a private Catholic school. I really wanted to be a normal kid that went to public school. My Mother talked with the school and the parents of the bullies. Still every day the kids continued to pick on me. So she told me two things. The first is, you don’t start fights, but you’ll finish them! and second, to tell those kids if they do or say anything to me, she is going to come down there and pick them up by their pinky toe and show them who’s boss. So sure enough the following day the kids were at it again. I told them what my Mother said. The kids continued taunting me, so I walked right up to one of the boys and punched him square on the nose. His nose started gushing with blood and he ran away crying. It would be quite some time before someone would pick on me again. I was only able to set these kids straight because of my Mother’s strength and her love of me and my safety. That was the day my Mother taught me to be strong.

The Woopsie Years

Mom’s always know exactly what to say to make you feel better. I take calculated risks. Some may view me as the type of person who takes a lot of risks, but I always have all the facts before I leap, for the most part. At the age of 21 I was living in Florida and going to school far away from my family, friends and comfort zone. I moved to Florida because of an amazing spring break I had with 10 of my good girl friends. That’s another story, another day. I had fallen short in some aspect of my life and I knew I would have to make a phone call to my Mother to tell her. I was so disappointed in myself and I thought she would be too. While crying on the phone to my Mother, she said something I will never forget. “Honey, you didn’t fail. It’s just a bump in the road.” That was the day my Mother taught me there are no failures, you just have to get over the bump and move on.

The Heartbreak Years

Mother’s give unconditional love and support. I was going through a tough break up far from home. A relationship I thought was the end of any other relationships. It’s hard when you have a plan for your life and life has another plan for you. I wasn’t ready to talk with anyone over the phone, so email was my only form of communication. My Mother emailed me after the news of this relationship ending. In her email she said, “Everything is going to be all right, we will figure this out. Come home, we’ll take care of you.” That was the day my Mother taught me that I am not alone, I am loved and we all need to hear the word “we”.

This post is dedicated to my Mother, Queen Catherine. Everyday I learn something new and a new way to be a better person. Thank you Momma Bear for Everyday!


  1. Thanks Lazy Personal Training. I needed a laugh that reminded me of home and family.

  2. Very Happy to bring good thoughts to you :-)


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