Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Woman Waits For No Man...

And don’t even come near me if you’re a little boy.

Men love the chase. If a man isn’t willing to chase you, then march your sweet bottom away from him. Most men are willing to “hang out”. If you’re someone who is offering the casual friendship, I bet he will be more than willing to accept and hang around until you become fed up or he discovers a new partner. She or he (I have seen both) will probably be someone that likes to be chased.

What does that give you? On the one hand if you just want a companion and something to fill the void, this is great for a few short weeks. Anything beyond this point you are getting yourself into risky territory. Lets be honest here, if you’re trying to fill a void, no man is big enough and I mean this in every possible way. You’ve probably already realized this a time or two. “Oh I shouldn’t be with him.” You may even talk yourself into sticking around, “It’s just fun, nothing serious.” If someone doesn’t make you a priority then why should you make them one. My Mother says this to me all the time.

I have been very grateful and lucky to have someone that loves me for me. No one loves me more than me. Sure this sounds narcissistic but if you knew what I had to go through to get to this love, you might think different of me, or not, honestly what do I care I’m in love with myself.

I am in the best relationship. If I could marry myself I would, at least for the tax benefits. I have learned to take care and spoil myself. I am everything I could ever want. I take myself out to amazing dinners, I will cook extravagant desserts, sometimes I’ll hand myself some money and say, “go buy you and your friends something to put some smiles on your faces.” I give myself foot massages, I pump myself up when I’ve been beaten down a peg or two and I just love hanging out with me. Sure I get annoying after a while and every now and then I’ll go and cheat with someone tall, dark and handsome but I always come home to me.

My wise Aunt Liz said to me once, “It’s takes a great man to beat living alone.”

This is in honor of my girls that are going through a break up, which are never easy.

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  1. Cher: "Lots of women get all excited over nothing, then marry him."

    Gramma: "Marry in haste, repent at leisure."

    People that want to get married in the worst way usually do. Be particular.


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