Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

It’s that time of year again when people are boasting their New Years Resolutions. More than likely we will more than likely decide to make a change for the better. Maybe we want to be more helpful to our fellow humans, spend more time with the ones we love. Maybe we want to work harder and be more passionate in our careers. Maybe just maybe, we want to be a leaner, meaner version of ourselves from the previous year. The latter is more than likely. The most popular of all the New Years Resolutions is dealing with weight. You know what they say, you can never be too thin or too rich. Of course this girl doesn’t believe this theory.

Sure I may be young and I have had the time of my life. I’m a lucky girl, I’ve been whisked away a time or two on a big fancy yacht, showered with shopping sprees and have been frosted a time or two with jewels. But if you’re not happy with you, you’ll never be happy. Maybe I don’t have the experience of someone in their 30s, 40s or beyond but I’ve seen a few things and I take in my surroundings. From my take on life it’s the little things that matter. Someone running a bath for you, rubbing your back when you’ve had a bad day or telling you look beautiful when you know it isn’t true.

One, I have seen people happier with less money and more bulge around the waist, than someone with a black American Express Card and a woman teetering around a 100 pounds. Why? Because these people are able to really and truly enjoy what matters in life. What that may be is different for everyone. I am assured that what ever makes life worth living is more than the bottom-line and the size of your bottom.

So this year, if I may make a suggestion, your New Years Resolution should be to every morning look in the mirror and be happy for whom ever you may be. Accept yourself, for every roll, mole, warts and all. This will probably be the hardest resolution of all. We are always hardest on ourselves. Maybe you decided to spend more time with your family and celebrate life, than go to the gym. This isn’t a bad thing, live your life, that’s what you are here for, enjoy.

I believe there is someone out there for everyone. There is someone that will love your body, every inch of it, over and over again. I know I’ve been there. Someone sees something completely different than what you are viewing. Where you see a bulging buttocks, they see something they can’t wait to get their hands on and squeeze.

I myself do not have a perfect conventional body. I have curves and a few rolls here and there. Maybe more there than here but who cares. I wouldn’t trade an inch for another inch. I own all of me.

How you can enjoy every part of you:

I suggest you start off by looking in the mirror. Be your best friend. Best friends will always tell you that you look beautiful and bring your spirits up. So what would your friends say to you? Start off by pointing out the positive in yourself. What is your favorite feature? Maybe it’s your eyes, butt, legs or maybe it’s your chest, arms and feet. Whatever the case may be, it’s all you and you should enjoy. No one else on this planet is put together quite like you, and that’s something to be proud of.

Over time, the effort you made in appreciating yourself, you will find that you are happier with you and your body. You will be amazed what a happier you will do for your spirit and your health. You may even find yourself accepting those dimples on tummy or losing those unwanted pounds.

Start today, take off all your clothes and bask in the glory of you and your body!

Happy New Year, this will be your year!

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