Saturday, December 5, 2009

Sexy Alternative to Soft-Drinks is an “In!”

Soda, Pop, Soda-pop, Cola, Fizzy Drinks or Soft Drink, whatever name you give to this refreshment it needs to stop, now! Soft-Drinks are not soft on your body or your overall health. In-fact they are quite hard. All the sugary goodness in this addictive drink can ruin your insides, your teeth and make you gain weight. If you opt for the diet substitute, the amount of no-no additives can add up fast and so can the pounds believe it or not. So, either choice of soft drink is not good for you. If you want to lose weight and you drink soda, I suggest you quit drinking the soda. Studies have shown that people that eliminate the intake of these sugary demons lost 15 pounds in one year. Perhaps that doesn’t sound like a lot but it is. Over a pound a month would be shed just by cutting out one thing in your diet.

If you find it hard to quit, and that is perfectly normal because all that caffeine and sugar is addictive, I suggest adding Coconut Water into your daily consumption. You should do this anyway, coconut water is great for losing weight and staying healthy.

Coconuts in-general have so many wonderful benefits. The water from coconuts has an extensive resume to help you lose weight and curb that sugar addiction. Let’s peek inside these lovely pieces of fruit shall we.

Benefits of Coconut Water:

-Boosts Immune System
-Antiviral and Anti-fungal
-Best Source of Electrolytes
-Can Lower Cholesterol
-Improve Digestive Issues like Crones Disease
-Clean Stomach Worms and Break up Kidney Stones (Worms, Yuk! Drink for about three days with some spoonfuls of olive oil and presto chango you’re better)
-Increase Metabolism and Boost Your Daily Energy Levels
-Coconut Water is almost identical to blood plasma and has been used as an IV
-Great for your skin and anti aging

So the next time you are craving your sugary soft drink pick up some coconut water, you’ll quench your cravings as well as receive so many numerous benefits for your body. It may even help in reversing the damage you have done to your body with all that Soda-Pop.

Remember to get No Sugar Added Coconut Water.

I like brands Zico and Vita Coco (Plain)


  1. Didn't you once tell me that soda (effervescent drinks) leaches the calcium out of your bones?

  2. Well, of course you did.

  3. Ms. lazy personal trainer.... Look up the factors of arachidonic acid and the cascade system... That is a big one for health... I believe we are an inflammed culture... Over weight, over stressed, over-tired and under loved...


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