Saturday, November 26, 2011

Celebrity Crushes

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!  It was quite a day for us.  I'm still in a food coma, so this post is a little lazy I know.  This year, I thought the food was especially perfect and scrumptious.  I was hanging out with some of my girls and the topic came up of our celebrity crushes.  I have for sure voiced my crushes a time or two.  Here are my top three:

Alexander Skarsgard is my number 1 crush.  I mean...Hello!  He's my perfect idea of a man.  He's smart, talented, charismatic, he seems close with his family and to top it off he's 6'4".  Holy amazing!  I plan on marrying him and having lots and lots of tall babies.   If I am lucky enough to fall for someone more wonderful than Alexander, I will negotiate that I get a pass if I come into contact with this Swede. 

Michael Fassbender is my second crush.  I think he's so very talented and passionate.  He slightly reminds me of BigRed.  BigRed even looks like him, except BigRed is 6'3" and 200+. I was actually in Dublin while he was filming the other movie they talk about in this interview.  I was hoping to bump into him at a pub but I didn't.

I love me some Dhani Jones!  My friend, SnakeCharmer, fight over him all the time.  He's been a linebacker in the NFL for quite some time but I didn't discover him until watching some late night tv with AirBump Chest Guy.  He used to have a show Dhani Tackles the Globe.  We were both impressed with him.  Me more so though...


  1. Yes. Well.

    I'll take any one of the three as a suitable son-in-law.

    I'm particularly partial to Mr. Fassbender, though. That whole "singing in public" thing is what won me over.

    Love, Momma Bear

  2. Yes, I think either one would do...That will do pig that will do :-)


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