Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Summer Grill Menu

I love to grill.  Hold on, let me rephrase that I do love grilling but usually I have to have someone start the grill for me.  I’ve had a few accidents in the past and most people close to me know to not trust me holding a lighter near anything flammable.  So, once I have a friend light the grill for me, then I’m in business.  We only have about a month and a half left of great grilling nights left.  So take advantage.  I know I have been hitting up bbqs like it's going out of style.  Which it kinda will be shortly.

Here is one of my favorite summer grill menus.

Steak Tips with Blue Cheese Crumbles
Marinade steak tips for a 2 to 24 hours, the longer the better.  Throw on the grill and cook to perfection.  Sprinkle blue cheese crumbles on top.

Marinade: In a plastic bag throw steak tips with marinade
Soy Sauce
Red Wine
A bit of Worchestire Sauce

Roasted Corn and Summer Veggies with Garlic Butter.

Melt butter and mix in crushed garlic.  Can use this on top of the steak instead of the blue cheese.  May also store this butter in the fridge to use whenever you may so choose.

Place a corn on the cob in tin foil with your preference of summer veggies.  Pour garlic butter over corn and veggies depending on each persons preference on garlic.  Each wrapping will be one serving.  Throw wrappings on grill and cook to perfection.

Watermelon, Feta and Mint Salad

One of my favorite salads and to me it screams summer and health.

Chop watermelon and mint.  Crumble the feta cheese.  Toss all items in a bowl with pepper, olive oil and balsamic to taste preference.  May also add sweet onion to mix it up a bit and added health benefits.

Enjoy the rest of the grill season!

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