Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Travel Bug

There is a feeling I love when a plane is about to land in a new city I've never been to before. I like to sit in the window seat and take in the city. What do I see? I feel an excitement that can only come from not knowing what's around the corner. Will this city be good to me? Will I get lost but in a good way? Will I make new friends? More questions cross my mind as the plane touches down on the jetway.
I have many favorite cities in this big world, many of which I haven't discovered yet. Normally I like to travel alone. I have the freedom to do, see and talk to whomever I like. I can sit in a cafe all day or go to a museum and stare at one painting for as long as I like or I can climb to the top of a mountain. Traveling alone is wonderful. My last trip to Madrid I ended up not being by myself. I stayed with a friend that lives in Madrid, The Chocolate Man. He is just wonderful and the type of person that loves food and wine just like myself. While he was at work I would explore the city with my cousin and her husband. They are great company. My cousin is older than myself and use to be in the rockstar industry. She traded in her backstage pass for corporate america but still somehow has kept the rockstar spirit. Traveling the world for business, she takes the term powerful woman to a whole new level.

Madrid isn't on the water, which, typically is a prerequisite for me to fall in love with a city. But the moment I stepped out of the plane I felt at home. Madrid is filled with beautiful sites, beautiful people and beautiful food. Walking around Madrid was like walking around a priceless work of art. I felt like I was in a painting and I didn't want to leave. The food is some of the best I have ever tasted. I also couldn't believe how beautiful everyone was. I felt like I was hanging around a GQ Magazine party.

I will have more on Madrid soon. Some of the restaurants and sites that are a must. This is my first time writing from the beach and I was inspired and missing Spain just a wee bit so I had to share. Enjoy your day!

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