Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What matters most...

Life is a series of split second moments that change the direction we are going in, whether we like it or not. Today, while working, a woman parked her car in front of the store door to just run in and grab something she needed.  She walked in and said to me, “Don’t worry, I will be fast.  I just need to grab a few things.”  While I was helping her, I heard a scream come from outside.  I looked out the window and her daughter, who was in the car, was screaming.  The car was rolling down the street and the little girl didn’t know how to stop the car.  Soon, the little girl got out of the car as the car was driving on it’s own down the road.  The woman and myself ran outside the shop to come to the car's aid.  I hopped in the car through the passenger side.  I couldn’t find the emergency brake, so I climbed down and put my hand on the foot brake. (Something I remembered from when I was little and I would try to drive my parent's cars when they weren't looking.) When the car was settled and shut off, I got out of the car and the woman hugged me.  Her daughter soon followed and they both started to cry.  I watched the mother hold her daughter.  I saw the moment when their lives would change.  For the time being, they won’t take each other for granted.  Life will not be rushed.  This single moment brought them back to what really mattered.  It wasn’t the car or anything of material value.  It was each other.  What matters most to you at this moment may be fleeting.  What you worry about today may seem insignificant tomorrow.  Hold onto what really matters in life.

One of my favorite quotes from a favorite movie: "Every passing minute is a another chance to turn it all around." - Vanilla Sky


  1. AnonymousJune 23, 2011

    Beautiful. You made me cry.

  2. Me too. What a scary situation, and serious kudos to you for responding so swiftly to such an emergency.

  3. Wonderful story - so scary thinking of what might have been. That mother was so lucky you were there.

  4. It was a very nerve racking situation. I was shaking afterward for at least an hour. Sometimes we need a smack of reality to appreciate the good in our lives. Thank you for reading!


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