Friday, April 29, 2011

Outside for the Month of May

April showers bring May flowers. The theme for the month of May is “Outside”. April is over and done with. We are officially in the Spring season. So, for this month of May, step outside. Whether it be figuratively or in spirit. It’s time to play outside. The month of May I challenge you to do something outside everyday. It could be that you go and play at a playground, beach or go for a walk somewhere inspirational. Just get out and do something. For rainy day activities, I suggest stepping outside your comfort zone. Never been skydiving? Get a group of friends together and make a day of it. Love the beach? Learn to surf. Never stepped foot in a kitchen? Take a cooking class. Do children make you nervous? Volunteer to be a homework buddy. Do what scares you this month, I double dog dare you!

Here are some of the things that I am up to this month of May. I have been involved in all of these activities before but each one scares me silly.

Health and Wellness
-Conference in Boston - Can’t wait for lectures on raw food and meditation

Love of Friends
-Baby shower - Bring on the oooos and ahhhhs

Wine Tastings Galore!
-Nantucket Wine Festival - Bubbles? Yes please!

Photo Shoot
-Showing my skin off - I’m ready for my close up.

Spring Cleaning
-Time to purge the house

What are you up to this month of May?

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