Sunday, January 9, 2011

Go Nuts For Nuts!

There are so many benefits to your health when you make nuts apart of your diet. Nuts can help in weight-loss, improve your skin, hair, nails and brain function.

Over the holidays I was visiting family in Mah-chicken (This is how my little niece pronounces Michigan). My brother-in-law’s family has an incredible nut shop named, The Peanut Shop. When I say incredible I really mean out of this world amazing! People travel from all over to pick up some of their famous nuts. Normally, every year we receive an assortment of nuts from them but this year since we were in Mah-chicken we decided it was only right to travel and see the shop in person.

The Peanut Shop is my new favorite place to be. Not only do they have an outstanding product but the shop is just perfection. First walking into this little store front your nose does a dance while taking in the scent of nuts being freshly roasted. You are then greeted by smiles by the wonderful and helpful staff. Not surprised, everyone that works in the shop are related in some way, shape or form. There are antiques through out the store, which can transport one to the days of old where life was simple and fresh. It’s best to walk into the shop and go up and down the glass display case to familiarize yourself with all the options and there are oodles of options. There are so many different types of nuts and flavors to chose from you will want to take your time. There are no wrong answers when choosing between their products. I personally love their pistachios, cashews and almonds.

Here are just a few examples of the benefits of nuts:

-Lower risk of heart disease
-Contains fiber, phytonutrients, antioxidants like Vitamin E and Selenium
-Contains good fats like Omega 3 which can lower cholesterol and improve brain function
-A handful of nuts as a snack can curb your appetite which aids in weight-loss.

Remember even though nuts are healthy they are also high in fat, so eat this health food in moderation. Try replacing something you consume on a daily basis with a handful of nuts. An example is having a handful of cashews instead of a protein bar before or after your work out. I love protein bars as much as the next person but they tend to be high in sugar, plus protein bars are still a processed food, which should be avoided.

*The above photo is my little niece with her "bag of goodies" as she called them in front of The Peanut Shop.

If you live in Mah-Chicken, passing through or just love nuts, stop by or give them a call to order some freshly roasted nuts. Best nuts around!

The Peanut Shop
117 S Washington Sq # 1
Lansing, MI 48933-1789
(517) 374-0008

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